Changing  habits, building communities!


Hardly any other element inspires us as much as fire:  Its warmth, its protection.

Its an essential component of food preparation and facilitates forming  of social connections. Fire can build a world or turn it to ashes in an instant. Fire represents humanities’ noblest emotional qualities:  Our strength, passion and determination. But also our greatest frailties – rage, anxiety and restlessness. Everything we are and all we desire to be.  It is no wonder then that Grilling, the form of fire based food  preparation that allowed mankind to settle and explore the planet, is still the most popular after almost two million years.

Family and friends gather around the grill!

Since man learned to control the fire, grilling is part of being human. It is not the blazing flame that promises high enjoyment, but the long-lasting glow of the barbecue coal. It turns fruits and vegetables, yams, batata and potatoes into delicatessen as well as tender poultry, freshly caught fish or rustic pulled pork.

With LIEBFEUER we have made it our task to make this original pleasure, which connects people on all continents, even better:

From sustainable timber management and fair working conditions to the best barbecue charcoal, which we produce from outstanding raw materials using environmentally friendly technology.

Our mission is to change habits in Nigeria by creating a culture of sustainability and replanting in the rural communities where we operate. Build our community around the love of life and barbecuing – and celebrate all the wonderful food made with charcoal around the world.


We source from local community producers and produce in a European double retort kiln that uses almost all emissions in the production process, making our kiln virtually CO2 neutral.


At Liebfeuer, we face the critical questions and know the role we want to play in human development, emission reduction and sustainable forest management in Nigeria.


We produce 100% natural, oven produced charcoal, with over 90% carbon content and low volatile components, hand sorted to give you the best possible pieces for your grill.

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Advantages of LIEBFEUER charcoal

High Quality Premium Charcoal that makes a net contribution to people and the planet

With LIEBFEUER we want to become the “an industry disruptor”.

For 1 chopped down tree we plant 10 new trees.

Smoke-free and with low smelling, long constant heat up to 900 degrees Celsius.

High carbon content, 98% emission-free production process.

1/3 of the quantities of raw wood necessary