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Grilling in Germany and worldwide

Germany loves grilling. But how often does the Grill Nation really grill?

Almost 90% of Germans love a barbeque and exchange their wooden spoons for grill tongs and their stoves for grill grills once a year. If we compare this figure with the 2009 survey, it grew by 7%. The barbecue season starts in most gardens and on most balconies in spring and lasts until autumn. Many see grilling as a substitute for cooking in summer, but even during the cold season, winter grilling is finding more and more fans. In the early and late seasons, barbecuing takes place on average once a month, and three times a month in summer. That the BBQ is a community act and only takes place in a nice round is a fallacy. Because over 50% of the asked ones grill also alone.

At the BBQ.Love barbecue portal, an interesting info graphic with facts on the subject of barbecues was arranged and graphically presented.

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