LIEBFEUER was founded by three friends.

Their idea: on the one hand, to produce exceptional charcoal, and, on the other hand, to downsize the traditional ecological footprint by several shoe sizes:

To this end, the three friends contributed their personal strengths.

Gabriel Loewe owned the rights to the proprietary oven technology. Moreover, he knew that the hardwoods for the best charcoal  grow in Africa. Erhan Günay, being a member of the German Charcoal producer association and  had long-standing experience in the  production of charcoal. In addition, he had distributed charcoal to the German market for several years, and was well aware of the exacting requirements that experienced chefs de cuisine in steakhouses, open-air pubs and barbecue restaurants have for charcoal they select for their grills

Real pros want charcoal with a reliable, consistent quality that develops much heat and keeps it for an extra-long period of time.

With the help of the third one of the founders, they found the place where they could make their dream come true – a wasteland in Nigeria, where they could grow their hardwood and erect a charcoal burning facility in compliance with European standards. LIEBFEUER was born. In August 2017, the first bags could be filled with LIEBFEUER charcoal and sent to Europe.


The wood used has to rank among the best charcoal raw materials in the world.

LIEBFEUER foresters should plant more trees than they log on the plantations. They reforest where overly deforestation has done harm to nature.

The charcoal burning must meet highest European technological standards.

People working with LIEBFEUER should be given good working conditions, fair wages, and long-term security of employment.


Our three founders and 90 families, the mothers and fathers of which earn their living at LIEBFEUER in Nigeria, are very proud of the fact that you may now see, feel, and taste their sustainably produced charcoal.