Premium Charcoal


Ignition time: 15 – 20 minutes
Burning time direct: 3 – 4 hours
Temperature peak: 900˚C
Carbon content:  80 – 85 %.


Application range

LIEBFEUER charcoal has a high quality and is therefore one of the best charcoal you can use for grilling. It burns at a high constant temperature, has a very long burning time, does not smoke and burns extremely cleanly with little ash. In addition, it is almost odourless. The sound of LIEBFEUER is glassy, which speaks for its very high carbon content and excellent quality. LIEBFEUER carbon pieces have a very high density, the pieces are heavy and hand-picked, which means that the pieces are almost the same size. The grain size of our premium charcoal is also right: the pieces are all between 30 – 80 mm in size. Exactly the right size, for gastronomy, professional grillers as well as for home use.


Our charcoal is certified by DIN EN 1860-2:2005-05, a certification programme for BBQ Charcoal (2017-01)

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Our charcoal is produced from the most abundant hardwood species available in rural eastern Nigeria. We source from local producers and produce in a European double retort kiln that uses almost all emissions from the production process, making our kiln virtually CO2 neutral.

Mild aroma
Up to 900°C hot
Up to 5 hours burning time
High density
Moisture content approx. 3 %.

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