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Winter Barbecues

DIY stores, petrol stations or supermarkets rarely sell barbecue coal during the winter months. It is best to buy a sufficient supply of barbecue charcoal beforehand or visit our shop.
Store charcoal dry in winter
Grill charcoal quickly becomes damp when stored outside. Since moist coal naturally burns less well, it is best to store it in a dry cellar. Make sure you also buy good quality coal.
More coal in winter
In the freezing cold of winter, the grill releases more heat. Therefore you have to use one scoop more coal to reach the desired grill temperature. Therefore, grills with a lid, such as a kettle grill, are better suited. But don’t open the lid too often when grilling in winter, because heat is lost every time and cooking time is extended.
Comfortable grilling in winter with a patio heater, radiant heater or fire basket
An open fire through a fire basket offers a cosy atmosphere while barbecuing in winter. Gas-fired or electric radiant heaters also fulfil their purpose at the touch of a button but also have a high energy consumption. So that you are not in the dark when barbecuing in winter with lanterns, lanterns or garden torches.
Tip: Winter grilling with punch & mulled wine and warm desserts
Keep warm and pay attention to warm winter clothes or woollen blankets for the guests. Punch, mulled wine or hot juices are the perfect drinks for winter barbecues and warm from the inside. They can be kept warm comfortably in a pot above the grill. If you want to surprise your guests then a Feuerzangbowle with the typical burning sugar cone offers itself.
After a hearty barbecue evening you can also prepare warm desserts on the grill. You can also grill fruits such as bananas, peaches and baked apples on the grill. Have you ever prepared crepes on the grill? You can do that on a pizza plate for the grill.